About our online APK downloader

Our Online APK Downloader is the most sophisticated online tool to download APK files directly from Google Play. We serve the download links to you directly from Google servers so you don't need to worry about the security and speed issues. In addition to the security and speed that our tool delivers, our downloader provides several other features too that are summarized below.

How does our APK downloader work?

On front-end, you only need to provide the package ID for an app or a game. Behind the scenes, our Android emulator requests the download of your provided package ID and it serves the download links directly to you.

Our tool is the only one that supports Split APKs as well as it provides you the official download links. Moreover, it is among a few APK downloaders that grab the download link of the expansion files as well.

What are Split APKs?

Traditionally, Android apps have been packaged using a single APK file but this approach sometimes result in a large APK file. To provide full support for multiple screen densities and so on, a single APK file is not a good option. To overcome this issue, Android apps can be built using multiple APK files with each APK file targetting specific features. This way, only selected APK files will be needed by a device. These minor APK files are called Split APKs.

A lot of Android apps like Tinder are already providing Split APKs. Our APK downloader has the full support for these Split APKs. You can download all Split APKs for an app by selecting an appropriate device from our list.

How to install Split APKs?

There are some apps available on Google Play Store that you can use in order to install the Split APKs on your device. This Stack Overflow answer sheds some light on this problem but you don't need to go through that answer unless you are a developer. As a general user, you can use Split APK Installer app. Here are the steps to install an app that comes with Split APKs.

  1. Download and install Split APK Installer app
  2. Download split APKs of an app and store all APKs in a single folder
  3. Open Split APK Installer app and tap Install APKs button
  4. Browse to the directory that contains the split APKs
  5. Select all APKs and then install the app

This process will install the app easily. To get this working, be sure that you have enabled "Unknown Sources" in your device settings.

How to download APKs using our online apk downloader?

To download APK files, OBB files (expansion data) and Split APKs from Google Play Store to your computer or mobile phone, follow these instructions:

  1. In the text input, enter package ID, i.e. com.whatsapp for Whatsapp
  2. Hit "Download" button and wait for a while
  3. Visit the generated links to download each file
  4. Save main APK and split APKs with extension .apk
  5. Save expansion files with extension .obb

That's it. These simple steps will let you download APK and all other data files of an Android app or game directly from Google Play Store to your computer or phone.

How to find package ID of an app?

If don't know what a package ID is, it is the unique ID that's assigned to an Android app while it is being developed. Google Play Store identifies an app using it's package ID when you request it's download or details. To find package ID of an app, follow these instructions:

  1. Search and go to the app's URL on Google Play Store website
  2. Look for ?id=xxxxxxxx string
  3. Copy the part between ? and & or till the end if & isn't present
  4. Provide the copied text in input above

For example; for Whatsapp Android app, the package ID is com.whatsapp and for Twitter app, it is com.twitter.android. We know that this might be a tricky task for some users, so we will add support for full Google Play URL or we will add support for search and listing of the apps directly in the tool. For now, package ID is the only supported way in order to download an app's APK using our tool.

What is version code?

In Google Play Store, Android apps are versioned using an integer and that's always greater than zero. Each new version of a game or an app must have a greater version code than the previous one. This integer is always positive and it isn't displayed anywhere on the UI for general users, instead it is used internally to identify multiple versions of an app or a game.

When you explicitly provide a version code, our tool will attempt to grab the download links for that particular version, otherwise latest version APKs and OBB data will be downloaded for the app. If you aren't sure what version code is, please leave that field blank and our tool will grab the download links of files for the latest version of your provided package ID.